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This is it..

A free mind incorporates a free heart... yet sometimes the constraints of the world apprehend... subsequently these agonies dwell in our minds and hearts, temporarily disabling our creative flow.. 

What is art? 

Art is defined as a creative outlet which enables one to express their feelings, experiences, opinions, environment and thoughts through the form of an aesthetic piece.......Photography, my outlet of choice.

The phrase ‘Nothing lasts forever’ holds a significant place in the ethics behind my work. Just like time, photography can seize a unique moment ....albeit, one has the power to recreate a memory….reproducing moments of previous significance, painting the moment with light, projecting upon the emulsion, creating a visual memory we can forever hold.

Society, humanity, the aesthetic properties hidden in our surrounding environment, politics, vandalism, culture, love, hate, you, me....the motives behind my practice. We create our environment in ways that we cannot even comprehend, even through the smallest decisions we are creating our own reality. I am intrigued by human behaviour, I take the greatest of pleasure from the mindful observation of my present environment at a protective distance…  Photography enables me to interact, a clutch that abridges the divide of anxiety.   

Through the visual documentation of still objects, the street, my environment and all that meets my eyes, I liberally express my subjective opinions on objective situations. Each image, a visual essay, stories that entice the eye.

I work with a combination of digital and analogue photography alongside a variety camera formats. I tend to favour the traditional method of analogue, not only for it’s aesthetic qualities, but for the metaphorical connection between the rawness of analogue and the absolute depiction of a specific subject

I am not committed to a certain genre, I simply consider myself an observational photographer. I shoot what I love and what I don't.

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